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The Church is open daily, Winter 10am-4pm, Summer 10am-6pm approx, and we invite those of all faiths and religions to visit this ancient building, whether it be purely as a place of historical interest, a place for reflection and prayer, to attend our regular Sunday services where you will be assured of a warm welcome, or simply to sit and absorb the atmosphere of the church and its surroundings in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Guided tours can be arranged for groups at most times during the year depending on the availability of a trained guide. No charge is made for this service; however a donation towards the cost of the upkeep of this ancient church would be most welcome. Donations can be made online here:

During the year we receive a number of requests from school ,college and university students who are undertaking various projects to do with the church in one form or another. Visits can be arranged to accommodate the student’s requirements. (For Example: Recently a college student undertook a photographic project at the church and we are pleased to announce that this resulted in a Grade ‘A’ pass. A selection of her work, which she has kindly allowed us to reproduce, is shown on our Photos page).

There are guidebooks, pictures, postcards and souvenirs, and a selection of fine jams, marmalades and pickles on sale in the church.

Parking for cars and coaches is available in Church Lane; please observe the parking requirements as indicated.

Please note that there are no toilet facilities on site. The nearest available toilets are in the centre of the town or at nearby public houses, which also serve a selection of food and refreshments.

Although there is a defined disabled parking bay adjacent to the church gate, there are at present no facilities for wheelchair access.

Welcome to

St. Andrews Church Greensted

Prayer by Rev. Philip Spence

Lord, as I sit in this ancient church I can feel that it is a special place.

I know you are no more in here than you are outside, or in my home or place of work, but somehow I’m made aware of you here.

Help me to use these precious moments to unlock myself and let you in, so that when I go home I shall discover that it too is a place where you are. Amen.



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Visits & Tours

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