5th January   Matins at 9.30am

12th January  Holy Communion at 9am

19th January  Family Service at 9.30am

26th January  Holy Communion at 9am

2nd February   Matins at 9.30am

9th February  Holy Communion at 9am

16th February  Family Service at 9.30am

23rd February  Holy Communion at 9am

Services based on traditional service from the Book of Common Prayer except The Family Service

Welcome to

St. Andrews Church Greensted

Prayer by Rev. Philip Spence

Lord, as I sit in this ancient church I can feel that it is a special place.

I know you are no more in here than you are outside, or in my home or place of work, but somehow I’m made aware of you here.

Help me to use these precious moments to unlock myself and let you in, so that when I go home I shall discover that it too is a place where you are. Amen.



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